Trailer Suspension Types

There are a number of different trailer suspension types, each used for specific trailers and jobs. The type of trailer suspension you use will determine the performance capabilities of the entire trailer unit. Although often overlooked, it is vital that consumers do their research when picking out their trailer's suspension to get the best result in the job.

How to Haul Away a Mobile Home Trailer

There are a multitude of mobile home trailers around and, regardless of their age, they are built to be moved. These structures make for a comfortable home or a mobile office. Mobile homes weigh between 3 to 6 tons. Moving such a large trailer takes teamwork and you need help to safely move one. This explanation of moving a mobile home trailer deals specifically with a single unit and not a double-wide, which is two mobile homes connected along the sides.

How to Replace Travel Trailer Carpet

Carpet is the third largest investment people make when they own a home. Replacing the carpet in a travel trailer isn’t as costly, but you want to do it right the first time. Even in a travel trailer, you want the carpet to express your personality. This doesn’t mean you need to choose crazy colors or patterns. Your personality shows in the appearance of the carpet; worn, stained and old carpet makes an impression on people you may not realize. When it comes to the tight quarters of a travel trailer spend the money to replace the carpet; don’t try and fix it. The lifespan of carpet is, on average, 10 years.

How to Troubleshoot Boat Trailer Hydraulic Brakes

Boat owners spend a lot of time maintaining and caring for their boat, but often forget one of the most important elements of boating: the trailer. Your boat trailer makes it possible to get your boat from home to water, or storage to slip, and it needs proper maintenance to keep working. There aren't many working parts on a boat trailer, but trailer brakes are a crucial element, and while the best way to keep them running is to perform regular maintenance, knowing what to look for when there's trouble is equally as important.

How to Live in a Trailer Until You Build Your House

Building a new home requires a tremendous amount of planning and attention to detail. Among the plans must be the decision of where to live while the house is being built. Many people decide to live in a trailer in the interim. It's not a simple matter to move into a trailer, however. Decisions must be made about where to put the trailer, how to organize the trailer and how to prepare the trailer so that the living conditions will be pleasant and amenable. With proper preparations, living in a trailer can be a good experience for all.

Cheapest Way to Rent a Trailer

Renting a trailer is often necessary when moving or hauling large items such as appliances or furniture. Depending on where you rent the trailer, the length of the rental and whether you'll be taking the trailer out of state, you might end up paying a hefty fee to the rental company. It is important to shop around and compare the prices of trailer rentals before committing to one company.

How to Buy a Trailer Home

A trailer home, also known as a mobile or manufactured home, can be a real bargain. They cost less than regular site-built homes and can be very spacious and comfortable. The Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC) says such homes typically run from 900 to 2,500 square feet, and many have amenities such as fireplaces or whirlpool baths. Buying a trailer home is relatively simple if you have a good down payment and know what you want and where you plan to locate your new home.

How to Rent Trailer Homes

Trailer homes are a very common type of rental unit. Actually searching for a trailer home to rent is a relatively easy task. But you make it easier when you know how to sort through what is available and recognize possible matches for your specifications, instead of spending needless effort on research and needless time on visits to trailers that don't accommodate your needs. Since the best deals are likely to move quickly, waste no time in getting started on your trailer home rental hunt.

How to Start a Car Rental Business in California

California has been known for decades as the land of the car. Cities like Los Angeles have infrastructures that are completely dependent on the private automobile. Millions of visitors come to California every year on business and as tourists, and need cars to get around. A well-run rental business can provide you with a viable income for the long term in California. Starting small can keep you from getting into financial trouble if your business doesn't work out.

How to Become a Car Rental Dealership

Starting a car rental dealership requires a large investment, so it's important to plan carefully. If you want to ensure success, you need to research the area where you plan to operate. You also should be well-informed about the rules and regulations for car rental dealerships in your state. Learn more about the current trends in the car rental industry in your area and find out which car models are in demand so you can supply exactly what rental agencies need.

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